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 View of terror

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Prue Halliwell

Prue Halliwell

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PostSubject: View of terror   Mon Nov 09, 2009 2:57 pm

The film opens with a voyeur taking pictures of an unknown woman dressing up. He later sets her house on fire, while she lies unconscious in the room.

Celeste Timmerman is a woman with a successful career, an attractive boyfriend named Brent and a good friend she can trust with all of her secrets. She lately does nothing but fight with Brent and decides she wants to move out. Although Brent is reluctant to her moving out, Celeste buys a new apartment. She is soon stalked by the telephone repeatedly by an unknown man saying he can see her. She asks her best friend Tasha for help and she suggests Celeste to block his phone calls. Meanwhile, Brent is mad over Celeste leaving and starts trying to reach her all day long. Celeste thinks he is the stalker, but Tasha tells her that couldn't be possible. What Celeste doesn't know, is that Tasha is meeting Brent secretly and tries to seduce him. He is only interested in Celeste however, and wants to protect her against the stalker.

Celeste is unable to block the stalker and he becomes mad with her ignoring him. He warns her not to block her, not to call the police and not having a boyfriend with being punished if she does. Celeste ignores his warnings and contacts a detective. She also purchases a telescope to try and find him herself. The stalker however, knows she contacted the police and calls her announcing she will get punished. Later, when she arrives at home she discovers her curtains are removed. She listens to her voice mail and finds out she received a message from her stalker saying he could be anywhere in her house. Afraid, Celeste immediately leaves the apartment and contacts the police. Her house boss tells her that he took the curtains down because the weren't functioning right.

One night, Celeste receives another phone call and tries to locate him while talking. She thinks she has found him and contacts her house boss. He tells her what is happening to her, happened before to a woman named Justine Jamison. He also informs her that woman vanished one day and was never heard from again. Celeste trusts her hotel guard Derreck with the information she thinks she knows who is the stalker and he reluctantly sneaks her into the stalker's apartment. She finds out David Jacobson is living there. Later, Detective Gillis and Detective Zamora pay David a visit and find pictures secretly taken from Celeste. Although David swears he has never seen those pictures, he is taken to the police station.

Celeste reunites with Brent, but is threatened by the stalker to get rit of him. If she won't, he will. Celeste is afraid again and realises David couldn't have called him, because he is in jail. She tries to contact Justine, but is unable to. After returning home, she finds out her pet bird is missing. She later discovers the stalker has put cameras in her house. She is interrupted with a phone call from Justine. They meet and she tells Celeste the stalker killed her fiancee. Not much later, the stalker also threatens to kill Brent. He sends a video message as well of her bird threatened to be killed and eaten.

At one moment, Derreck leads Celeste to the basement, telling there is the hiding place of the stalker. However, he ends up being the stalker himself. Brent comes to the basement as well and ends up being in a fight with an aggressive Derreck. Just when he is about to kill Brent, Celeste hits him in the head with a pole. Derreck is taken under arrest and Celeste and Brent are finally set free.

* Shannen Doherty - Celeste Timmerman
* Michel Francoeur - Brent
* Jayne Heitmeyer - Tasha Kinsley
* Sean Tucker - Derreck
* Charles Powell - David Jacobson
* Vittorio Rossi - Glenn
* Tony Calabretta - Detective Zamora
* Benz Antoine - Detective Gillis
* Marie-Josée Colburn - Justine Jamison
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PostSubject: Re: View of terror   Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:00 pm


Bas bih voleo da pogledam film,ali ne znam gde???
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**Piper Halliwell**

**Piper Halliwell**

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PostSubject: Re: View of terror   Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:34 pm

Nisam gledala. . .
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PostSubject: Re: View of terror   

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View of terror
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